Your local newborn specialist who is..

Trained, Insured, Experienced and Safe.

They're so little and squishy and unfortunately they won't stay that way for long. 
Now is the time to capture those tiny features, wrinkles, rolls and even the first smiles.

Newborn sessions are held in my studio and are typically 4 hrs long to ensure that there is plenty of time for feeding, soothing and changing your baby.
I only book one family per day so your session is not rushed and baby has all the feeds and cuddles they need.

Cates passion and creativity is immediately evident, She went above and beyond for both my maternity and newborn shoots. 
Cate showed such care and patience and was so committed to getting those perfect shots.
She was amazingly with our three and a half year old as well 



How does it work?
First you pay the booking cost of £299 (50% of total cost) to hold your chosen time slot
Then you pay the remaining £300 the day before your booked session

The session will last about 4 hours and allow time for lots of cuddle and milk breaks.
We will take a variety of images in different outfits on different backgrounds

I will then see you again a week or so later so you can choose your favourite 5 or choose to upgrade your package
You will view a fully edited gallery of 20+ images for you to choose from

I will then give you your chosen digital files and order your beautiful prints for you.
You're then free to show your perfect new portraits off to everyone you know!

We're delighted with the quality of the photos that Cate took of our newborn son, and with the professional service too.
She has a wonderful ability to relax babies which makes everything so much easier!


When should I book?
The best time to first get in touch is just after your 20 week scan so you have a reasonably accurate due date to give me. 
Newborns are best photographed around a week old but anytime from 5 days is fine.
I'll pencil you in my diary for around 1 week after your due date and you can pay your first invoice.
Don't worry if baby is early or late as I'll reserve a couple of days for you in the weeks before and after.

You then need to get in touch with me as soon as you can after the birth so I can book you in properly. 
You'll need to pay your second invoice to hold your session date.  

What if my baby is already born?
If you've already given birth then get in touch as soon as you can and I'll see if I have any available dates for you. If I can accommodate you, I will.

What if I'm not feeling well or strong enough?
You'll definitely be feeling very tired and quite possible uncomfortable. You've just give birth! and it's likely that coming to me will be your first outing.
If you've had a complicated birth or C-section then let me know.

I strive to make my studio as comfortable as possible and you'll spend 95% relaxing on my sofa.  
You'll have constant access to my kitchen area and the toilets.
I have plenty of soft drinks, snacks and tea/ coffee making facilities.

You can park right outside the studio building, all day for free.
If you're really too unwell to leave home then we can just move your session to the following week or so. 

What if I don't like certain poses or props?
Your session all about you and your baby and can be totally bespoke.
If you have a clear idea of what you like or don't like then you just need to let me know as early as possible.
If you have absolutely no idea what you'd like then that's fine too and we can have a chat about colours etc when you arrive at the studio.

Is it safe to pose them like this?
Yes. Your baby’s safety and comfort is my top priority.
I take great care to watch that their temperature, circulation and comfort are never compromised.
I have been trained to handle newborn babies safely and have many years experience handling babies.
I only pose and position them in ways that they've been naturally sitting in for months in mums tummy.

Who should I bring?
The whole family and everyone that matters to you!
Remember that these images aren't just for you to enjoy now but to look back on for years to come and
your baby will want to see what YOU looked like when they were little.

 Siblings, aunties, grannies and even the dog need to get involved!

Depending on how sleepy baby is when you arrive, we'll choose which order to do things in but
I usually do your family shots first, then siblings if there are any then the babies individual portraits last.

If you have other children then I would suggest after the sibling shots, a partner or relative
takes them for a walk or keep them occupied while we do the rest of the session.
My studio has toys and games but 4 hours is a long time for toddlers!

What if my toddler acts up on the day?
I'm pretty much expecting them to act up but I have all the patience in the world for them because I adore them so.
Often older brothers and sisters love getting involved in the pictures but sometimes they can also be a little hesitant. 
Small children are my absolute #1 love and It never takes them long to warm up to me, the studio and
my camera so they will feel right at home and happy to share an image or two with their new baby sibling

What should I bring?
Spare clothes for everyone involved. There will be pee and poo (Hopefully just the babies)
Your usual baby outing things although I do have spares of most things if you forget.
Any special items that you'd like in the images eg special teddies or blankets.

How and when do we pay?
First I'll invoice you 50% of the bronze package to hold the session time for you.

I get booked up quite quickly and only by paying this first invoice are you guaranteed a session.
Then when you've got in touch after the birth and chosen a date for your session I'll send you the second invoice. 
This second invoice needs to be paid before the session can commence.

You will have then payed for the full Bronze package and are in no way obliged to pay anything else unless you choose to upgrade your package.
You'll have your gallery viewing session 1 or 2 weeks after your session*
At this meeting you'll view a slideshow of your images and be able to observe the variety and quality of your images.
You'll choose which 5 images you'd like to keep or upgrade your package to include more digital images and prints.
You will also be able to see samples of wall art, frames, print boxes and books.
You will only have one gallery viewing meeting so you should make sure that all decision makers are present.
Payments for package upgrades, wall art and products are made via the card machine in the studio.
*I aim to to the pictures ready for you within a couple of weeks but at particularly busy times, this could be upto 8 weeks.

Are you insured?
Of course. I am fully insured with 'Photoguard Insurance' for professional photographers.
Certificates are on display in my studio and available to view upon booking on request.

Are you Qualified?
Yes, 4 years of official photography qualifications as well as additional specialist posing and safety training.

I'm so honoured to be able to offer you newborn photography and look forward to hearing from you soon.

My 9 day old Alfie had his newborn photoshoot with Cate. She took great care when handling and posing him.
She made sure all was safe and he was supported at all times. Personalised props were also used for that extra touch.
We couldn't be happier with how the shoot went and the photos taken. Thank you so much- special moments captured forever!

-Kim Lori Burgess