There's no such thing as a silly question!


How many images will there be in our gallery?

It depends on what kind of session you have and how it goes.
Newborn and sitter sessions tend to have about 20 with family portrait sessions having around 30 images 

What if my child or myself are unwell on the day of our shoot?

Your booking fee is non-refundable but transferrable if you are unwell. 
Just let me know as soon as you can and we can book you in for another day, you will not lose your booking fee. 
Being a mother of two there's also a small chance I will have to re-arrange. We'll just have to be flexible with each other! 

What should we wear for our session?

It really depends on the time of year and style of the shoot.
For example, pastels are great for spring, bring colours in the summer and warmer tones for the Autumn.

Inspiration can be found on my pinterest board

The most important thing is that everyone taking part in the shoot is colour coordinated.
If you're unsure then play it safe with plain or natural colours, avoiding patterns and prints as they may be distracting. 

Make sure bra straps are well covered.

For a newborn shoot, siblings should wear plain white or the colour of the chosen colour scheme for the shoot e.g. grey, cream etc 

When should I book my newborn session?

You can book your newborn session as soon as you have a due date.
I only pencil you in when you book and we choose an actual date when you've given birth.

What age is classed as 'newborn'?

The best time to photograph a newborn is 5-14 days old but I will class a baby as newborn up until 4 weeks old.

What if my newborn poo's and wee's everywhere?

That is soooo normal. In fact, I can't think of a single newborn session where I haven't been at least been pee'd on but that's perfectly fine! Just bring a spare change of clothes in case you're the victim. I really don't mind how mucky it gets, so long as I capture beautiful shots for you to treasure forever, I'm happy.

Can we include our other children in our newborn session?

Of course! We absolutely want to photograph all your children together. I just need to know before the session so I can prepare accordingly.

 Will you use our images on your website?

Being in the business of images, I do usually show recent work on my website, Facebook and blog posts.
This allows everyone to see my style and the standard of my work. It also shows what colours, set ups and props are available. 
If you need to keep your images private due to safety reasons then of course they will be kept private and I will not use them on my website,
You'd just need to let me know upon booking. 

Are you insured?

Of course. I am fully insured with 'Photoguard Insurance' for professional photographers.
Certificates are on display in my studio and available to view upon booking on request.

Are you Qualified?

Yes, 4 years of official photography qualifications as well as additional specialist newborn posing and safety training.