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I have something I'd like to share with you today.. I have a gorgeous new wall art product on offer for you called the 'Hoxton art frame'


 It's a beautiful fine art print on pro 'rag' paper which is a beautiful fine art paper. The print has deckled (torn) edges and appears to be floating within a solid wood frame. There's a huge choice of wood stains so you can choose the finish to suit you. We take for granted the amount of work and craftsmanship that is required to create our wall art. I wanted to share with you the process of how this frame is made. Please bear in mind, I'm not a talented videographer so it's not a great video! Here it is..

Or follow the process here..

   First of all we print the image on 'Photo rag' fine art paper and check it's perfect.

   Next we 'deckle' the edges. This means carefully tearing the edges.

   We make a mount to fit the print and keep it stable and flat. A layer of foam mount is added to give it height and make it look like it's floating in the frame.

   The layers are pressed to make sure they stay in place.

   The solid Ash or Oak wood for the frame is cut.

   The corners are joined in the traditional method.

   The frame is then sanded in preparation for the stain. We use solid Ash wood.

   It's stained, left to dry for 3 hours and then waxed. I chose the Walnut finish.

   The glass is put in, the print with its backing mount and a backing board to hold it all in.

   The edges are sealed and the hanging system put in place. 

   It's now ready to come to me for final inspection before I bring it to you.

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Sunset photoshoots Its called 'Golden hour' for a reason! Just as the sun is going down we get the most beautiful glowing sunlight. This helps create warm and emotive images to capture your pregnancy, children or whole family portraits. During the summer months golden 'hour' is between 6.30-8.30pm. This works fine for older children but for toddlers you may want to consider a later afternoon nap to keep them going for longer. Of course, we can't always guarantee a sunny evening but even if its cloudy, we can still take some beautiful images in the soft evening light. 

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Super Sitter Sessions Sitter sessions!! They're so much fun. You have this magic window when your baby in between 5-8ish months when your baby is able to sit unaided but they're not yet crawling.. This is an amazing time!! You can put them down in a safe place with some toys and they'll pretty much stay there.. 5 minutes peace!! They're so happy they can see whats going on around them, able to reach their toys, clap their hands and even dance to music! This is such a great time for a photo session to capture their big personalites while they're still little. They smile the biggest smiles, they laugh and they jiggle about. At a babies sitter session we play games, change outfits, play with bubbles and toys. If you'd like to know more about sitter sessions for babies or would like to book a session for your son or daughter then don't hesitate to send me an email or give me a call on 07930359345. I hope to hear from you soon! Heres a few of my favourite images from some recent sitter sessions. 

Sitter sessions for babies aged 5-8 months Sitter sessions for babies aged 5-8 months Sitter sessions for babies aged 5-8 months

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