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Sunset photoshoots

June 15, 2018  •  Leave a Comment
Its called 'Golden hour' for a reason! Just as the sun is going down we get the most beautiful glowing sunlight. This helps create warm and emotive images to capture your pregnancy, children or whole family portraits. During the summer months golden 'hour' is between 6.30-8.30pm. This works fine for older children but for toddlers you may want to c...
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Super Sitter Sessions

March 14, 2018  •  Leave a Comment
Sitter sessions!! They're so much fun. You have this magic window when your baby in between 5-8ish months when your baby is able to sit unaided but they're not yet crawling.. This is an amazing time!! You can put them down in a safe place with some toys and they'll pretty much stay there.. 5 minutes peace!! They're so happy they can see whats going...
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